Tidbits for High School Seniors

This is my second year out of high school, so I have gained some perspective on what life is like post-high school. Here is some advice for you high school seniors out there.

Be Involved. Do anything and everything (that is not illegal) Have fun being a part of a team or a club or an organization. Not only will this give you great memories, but it will help you get into good colleges- if that is your plan, or help build up a resume.

Don’t take anything for granted. Every person you meet and every choice you make is an opportunity. Tell your friends and your family that you love them. Tell your teammates how important they are to you. Don’t leave anything unsaid.

LIVE Live life in every chance that you get. Go out to Steak and Shake at midnight, go to every school dance, go sledding, go trick-or-treating. Some of these things you won’t be able to do again until you have kids, so do them now!

Document EVERYTHING Seriously. Take a camera with you, use your phone, or iPod. Take pictures of your friends, take pictures with your family, take pictures of your adventures. You can’t take your friends and family to school with you, so bring the memories in the form of photographs. If you don’t take pictures, have someone else do it. My grandma loves taking pictures, so she is the sole reason that so much of my high school years is in photographs.

Relish in the Lack of Responsibilities In high school you might have some responsibilities like school work, a job, chores, etc. but in college you’ll have all of that plus paying for a lot of things on your own. That is a huge jump in responsibilities. So while you can go to the beach whenever-go to the beach, when you can watch movies with friends whenever-watch movies. When you can get amazing hand-made shakes at 2am-have the dang shakes (whether you are “on a diet” or not)

There is a lot that will change when you go off to college High School seniors, so take advantage of everything you can do and be a part of in your last year of high school. Make your last year, the best year.

I wish you the best in all of you endeavors! Where are you headed off to after high school?

~Focused Wanderer

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to leave a comment & remember to subscribe!


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