Parents Sending Kids to College?

img_2389Hey parents! This is an open letter to you about sending your kids off to college, from a millennial college student herself.

Dear Parents of a new college student,

This new way of life is going to be pretty crazy, I know. You are scared to let go, and let your child, your most prized blessing, discover the world for themselves. The world is a scary and unpredictable place and you don’t want them to face it alone.

Here is the good news, letting your child learn independence is one of the best gifts you can ever give them. My parents let me be pretty independent throughout my life and especially in my later years of high school. This has set me up for success in college and in life in general. As a parent you have to trust that you have taught your child well, and that they trust you enough to ask for help if they need it. My parents were really good at that in high school and now in college as well.

Some things you should do when you let your child go off to school.

Call them– but not too often. For the most part let them call you, but yes DO call them sometimes. This will mean a lot to them.

Send care packages– you don’t have to send them all the time, but for their birthday or a holiday. My parents sent me one for my birthday last year, and it made my day just a little bit more special. My grandma orders me Insomnia cookies sometimes, and those are always a great little pick-me-up.

Send emails, or pins, messages through social media sites. My mom sends me little notes on pinterest every once in a while, and my dad usually sends me a random text.

Above all, trust your child to do what you’ve taught them to. If you are letting them go off to school, I am sure they have become a pretty decent human and you have to trust that. It will still be hard, I know, it’s hard for me too. Also remember, your child will always be your child but they are stepping into their first steps of adulthood and you have to let them. They might even become one of your best friends now that you are letting them begin taking the steps to build their own life and their own family someday.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes! ~Focused Wanderer

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