Best Holiday Gifts for College Students

1.) A Planner I know I say this a lot, but a planner is invaluable in the life of a college student. Your favorite college student would probably love a new planner to go with the new year.

2.) A Plush Bathrobe Your college student probably has communal bathrooms, if they are living on campus. Sometimes the bathroom gets very humid after showers and it is super uncomfortable to get dressed in there. A nice bathrobe is perfect, and you know they will use this bathrobe many times.

3.) Colorful Pens These aren’t too expensive, but getting huge pack of colorful ink pens (different colored ink in them) is something they will used every day for the rest of the semester. They will be super happy with new pens, trust me.

4.) Socks This is a little boring yes, but these are a necessity that your college student has probably put off on buying. Just get them new socks-you can get a 10 pack at 5Below for $5, totally worth it.

5.) A Journal Along with a planner being a great idea, some college students like to journal as a stress reliever.

6.) Face Masks Spa face masks are super fun and leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated, something every stressed out college student needs.

7.) Blankets I don’t personally need any more blankets, but these are great to have especially in the winter months.

8.) Coloring Book Coloring Books are another great stress reliever and college students are all about trying to find ways to combat stress. Help them out by getting them a cute and fun coloring book.

9.) Wallflower/Wallflower Re-fill Wallflowers help to keep a room smelling sweet, and fresh. My favorites are at Bath and Body Works. I can always use new re-fills. Car scents are great too, to keep my car smelling great.

10.) Stationary kit Either a store-bought one, or a homemade one is great. Sometimes it’s fun to send and receive mail via “snail mail” but college don’t always have easy access to materials like envelopes and stamps, so giving them these as a gift, just might ensure that you’ll get some snail mail too.

I hope this list is helpful for all you shoppers out there!

~Focused Wanderer

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to leave a comment & remember to subscribe!


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