10 College Girly-Girl Must Haves

So I am a girly-girl at heart, but I am a lazy one. If I paint my nails, I want to do it once and have it last FOREVER, am I right ladies? I also don’t like washing my hair all the time-sometimes you just don’t want to, I get it. Here is my list of must haves for college girly-girls.

1.) A Gel-Light. This is so that you can do your own gel manicure, that will last for weeks. It might take a little practice and effort at first, but totally worth it in the long run. My favorite gel-light is by Sensationail and usually runs about $25, but after a couple at home manicures you’re already saving money and you’ll have envy-worthy nails. Sensationail gel kit.

2.) Leggings. You are going to want all different kinds of leggings, trust me. You’ll want workout leggings, and ponte pants leggings, (neither of these are see-through) jeggings, joggers, thinner leggings to wear under dresses or jeans in the cold, fleece-lined leggings. You are going to want lots and lots of leggings, (because you will wait as long as possible to do laundry, take my word for it.)

3.) Over-sized t-shirts. They are not the cutest, I know, but they are the most comfortable to sleep in. You can get a bunch at Goodwill if you don’t mind second-hand stores. (We’re college students, so we can’t be picky right?)

4.) Boots. I’ll be completely honest, I’ve got 3 pairs of boots, but I never know which ones will come in handy. Living on a college campus I have to be prepared to walk to my classes, rain, snow or shine. So I have rain boots, snow boots, and fashion boots. I highly recommend getting some boots.

5.) A Good Flat-Iron. A flat iron is the ultimate hair styling tool, in my opinion. You can straighten hair, wave hair, crimp hair, and even curl hair with this tool, so I advise investing in a good flat iron, for sure.

6.) Dry-Shampoo. Again, I am being completely serious. Sometimes you don’t feel like washing your hair, sometimes you don’t have time. Dry shampoo has saved me numerous times. My favorite is by Tresemé, I love it so much.

7.) Face-Masks. Definitely buy some face masks. Your skin is going to go through some majors throughout undergrad, from changing water quality to stress levels. Having face masks will help your skin stay clear, while also helping you to relax when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

8.) A super cute planner. Seriously. Get yourself a planner that you are going to use, and that will match your backpack and everything. Get something that will help you stay focused, but also help you to express yourself. I am in love with the Passion Planner.

9.) Functional but Fancy Waterbottle. Get a water bottle that you will carry with you everywhere and that you will love. I suggest one that has a filter in it, so that you are always drinking filtered water. If you do not want to purchase a water bottle with a filter, I recommend buying a water pitcher with a filter to keep in your fridge.

10.) An awesome mascara. Pretty much every girly-girl loves mascara, so get one that you love. My favorite is actually N.Y.C. Lengthening mascara, because it goes on quickly, smoothly, and makes my eyelashes look very full and long. (and it’s a pretty inexpensive mascara)

*Bonus- Make-Up Wipes. I totally forgot to include this one on this list, but this is a staple for me. I do not always have time to wash my face, or I am too lazy to do so, but make-up wipes help to get most of the excess man-up and dirt that collects on your skin throughout the day, off. You should pick your favorite; what works for your skin and your budget, and use them always.

**Bonus 2.0- Bible If you are religious at all, bringing a bible to school could greatly enrich your life (especially reading it) If you do bring a bible, you should also bring a journal that you can write prayers or musings in as you read your bible. If you want, you can even get your bible personalized with your name, but that is completely up to you.

~ Focused Wanderer

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to leave a comment & remember to subscribe!


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