10 College “Dorm Room” Must Haves

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 11.59.31 PM.png

*This is not my “dorm room” but I do love how “homey” it looks. So it is here for some inspiration.

1.) Storage Bins. Most college residence hall rooms are pretty small, and as a first year student, you are likely going to have a roommate, so being organized should be a huge priority. My favorite storage bins are Thirty-One Square Storage Bins. They fit in my closet perfectly, and they are super cute!

2.) String Lights. White string lights are perfect for more than just the holidays! I love hanging them in my window, or across my room, or by my bed, to give my room a more “homey” feel.

3.) Pictures. Bring tons and tons and tons of pictures. Pictures of family, of friends, of your favorite animal, your favorite places, your favorite adventures, etc. Then put them in frames around your room, or make a collage on the wall. This will help you to feel more at home in your tiny space.

4.) Under the bed storage. Along with your Thirty-One storage bins, you will probably want bins for under your bed as well. I recommend either a “mini-dresser” or flat storage bins, depending on the height of your bed.

5.) Suitcase or Duffle-bag. Along with cute storage bins, I highly recommend bringing along a carry-on sized suitcase, or a foldable duffle bag to have on impromptu trips or vacations. My favorite weekender bag is the Thirty-One weekender, or a Target Weekender.

6.) Cute Sheets. Before heading off to college, invest in some cute and comfy sheets. Since you will definitely keep your room clean, and your bed made all the time, right 😉 you’ll be the only one who sees your super cute sheets. However, sometimes it’s just fun to have cute printed sheets on your bed. My faves are all at Target. Flamingo sheets. You also might like some cute flannel sheets for winter. Flannel sheets

7.) Rolling Laundry Bin. I can not stress this one enough. If you are anything like me, I will put off doing laundry as long as humanly possible-this means that when I finally decide to do laundry it is too heavy to carry. A rolling laundry bin is imperative to survive living in a residence hall.  You can get them here.

8.) Detergent Pods. Detergent pods are a little bit more expensive than plain ole detergent, but they have saved me so much time and effort. The laundry machines at most college residence halls or apartments are typically outdated, and sometimes it can be difficult to know how much liquid detergent to put in. Just throwing a detergent pod in solves all my problems. There are many different brands, and scents so pick your favorite, but my favorite is Gain Flings-moonlight breeze.

9.) Wallflowers Or other wall plug-in scents. These will help your room smell great all semester. The best part is that you can get many different scents and change the smell of your room with the seasons. I absolutely love my wallflower, and currently I am using the “Winter” scent from Bath and Body Works.

10.) Mini-Fridge. This is only if you an afford one, and if you are living in a residence hall on a college campus. My first year my roommate and I rented a mini-fridge and microwave combo, and we loved it. My second year, my family got me my own fridge, we chose not to rent this year, because it made more financial sense to me. Having a mini-fridge is great because portion sizes for food on college campuses are massive, so you will always have left overs. Also, if you stock your food with healthy foods, you will be more likely to avoid the dreaded “freshman 15”

~Focused Wanderer

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions on what I should write about, leave me a comment! & don’t forget to subscribe.



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